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Holiday Blend 2017 - Preview Roast

Who says the holidays have to wait until December? Enjoy the year’s best beans now.
Roast Dates:
Flavor Notes:
Bold and complex, with notes of cocoa and baking spice
About this coffee

Coffee story

Holiday Blend is our grand finale—the best beans of the year, blended to conjure the flavors, aromas, and spirit of the holidays. We selected from Guatemala for notes of bittersweet chocolate, Sumatra for tropical spice, and Kenya for rich, dark berry. Paired with the usual holiday indulgences or sipped on its own, it’s a rich and satisfying cup to savor all season long.

Doug, Phil, Emily and Sean
Peet's Coffee Buying Team

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  • 12/5/16
  • JADE
  • drinking Peet's since 2007

Holiday Blend 2016 is much better than last year. It's smooth, dark, no bitterness. But I still miss "Holiday Blend 2014" and its sweet caramel, the best blend I have had. I would love to stock up Holiday Blend 2014 and enjoy it for a whole year if it's available again.

  • 12/2/16
  • Gail
  • drinking Peet's since 1998
  • Lukowicz , CA

I look forward to Christmas blend all year. It's almost like a dessert coffee. Rich, strong and yummy. Perfect for the holidays.

  • 11/30/16
  • Nancy
  • drinking Peet's since 2013
  • Bridge City, TX

I have been enjoying "Holiday Blend 2016" a nice, smooth, and darker roast than last year's Christmas blend. HB2016 is similar to the HB2014 but is missing the caramel notes."Holiday Blend 2014" has been my favorite yet! I purchased over 70 bags of this coffee and greatly miss the "Holiday Blend 2014". This years holiday blend IS VERY GOOD hope you all get some! If you made a blend like HB2014 I would buy enough to last 2 years I miss HB2014.

  • 11/26/16
  • Mark
  • drinking Peet's since 1980'
  • Torrance, CA

Very good, smooth blend. Has a nice scent, reminiscent of i think major dickasons, but lighter and smoother. The beans didn't seem as dark roasted as major dickasons, and weren't oily at all. Enjoying this blend very much for breakfast as it's a good smooth cup.

  • 11/26/16
  • Carleton Smith
  • drinking Peet's since when
  • Panama City, FL

I just tasted this year's Holiday Blend. I must complement your roasting team and all the folks who contribute to the blending/roasting process on the fabulous taste of the 2016 HB. It's very spicy and has great finishing notes that really bring out the "Holiday" spirit in the name. I can see now why this blend was given the name.
Great job and happy holidays to all at Peet's.

5 of 29 Reviews | View All

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