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Kona Peaberry

Rarest of the rare. Peaberry intensity—tart and tropical with a delicate finish in this singular, select estate Kona.
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Flavor Notes

Hibiscus aroma with passion fruit sweetness and a delicate finish

Flavor Category

Bright / Citrus / Sweet

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  • Drip
  • Press Pot
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How It Tastes

Rare on rare and tasting of passion fruit sweetness with a delicate finish. Peaberries are a natural rarity that occurs in only 5% of the crop. When selected from the rest of the crop, they’re prized for their remarkable concentration of flavor. We further screened out only the largest of the peaberries, a big bold bean, carrying an intensity of flavor as fine as the tropical paradise where it was planted, nurtured, and selected.


The region known as Kona on Hawaii's big island has been synonymous with superb coffee for more than 150 years. Steep volcanic hillsides and a microclimate of sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons create the perfect conditions for cultivating smooth, sweet-flavored beans. Our select estate pure Kona grows at the top of the farm, up against Waiaha State Reserve Park (this means “big rain” in Hawaiian). There, the clouds hit the Mt. Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes and are squeezed together right over the coffee plantation. The result: 100 inches of rainfall, fertile soil, and healthy coffee trees.

Worth Noting

Follow the Old Mamalahoa Highway, and you'll see coffee growing on both sides of the road, but the best comes from the mauka, or mountain side. That's why we buy only the highest grown, highest quality Kona from a single estate on the mauka. Original variety Arabica Typica trees reach their natural willowy height, requiring harvesters to pull the ripe cherries closer with hooks. We think the refined flavors of these beans make them well worth the extra effort.
Perfecting the process

Coffee, 50 Years in the Making

We've learned a lot in 50 years. From tasting coffee three times before the beans even arrive at our roastery, to waking up at 4am to deep-roast each bean by hand, to personally testing every order before it ships —everything we do is committed to bringing you the freshest, fullest flavor in every cup.

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