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Sencha Loose Leaf

The classic Japanese green tea. Sencha's rich, grassy flavor comes from steaming the leaves prior to rolling.
$15.95  4 oz. pkg.

Flavor Notes

Fresh and lively, with notes of newly cut grass and a hint of the sea

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Caffeine Level

light caffeine

Steeping methods


Green tea leaves

How It Tastes

A lively, fresh cup with notes of newly cut grass. Japan's green teas are known for their vegetal flavors and sea air aromas, due largely to the initial steaming of the leaves, a practice that heightens the fresh, raw leaf qualities of the tea. Steaming also brightens the cup-the best quality Sencha teas are lime-green when brewed. Look for a brothy taste rich in umami.


Sencha is the dominant type of tea produced in Japan, notable for its fresh steamed process and slick, pine needle leaf shape. Qualities vary widely according to how early in the year the leaf is plucked, the degree to which it is steamed, and the region. Our Sencha comes from the famous Shizuoka area and employs a moderate 'Chumushi' steaming for balanced, vibrant color and umami taste.


Sourcing the best

The whole leaf. The whole flavor.

Our teas showcase larger, bolder tea leaves giving you a complex, nuanced taste that you can't find anywhere else.

Quality Process

  • Sourcing the best ingredients

    All of our teas are sourced exclusively from small-scale farmers and smaller agricultural models.

  • Unique blending process

    Each ingredient is brought to our California HQ where it goes through intensive flavor testing and quality assurance.

  • Packaged for freshness

    The tea is then carefully wrapped in one of our signature, hand-stitched tea pouches for maximal freshness.

  • Delivered to your doorstep

    Your tea order is then custom packaged and delivered right to your door.