Organic Wild Berry Hibiscus Gallon Iced Tea Bags (10-ct)

A lush infusion of bright hibiscus blossoms and sweet elderberries. This naturally caffeine-free herbal tisane is the delightfully cool version of our popular Wild Berry Hibiscus tea. With an irresistible sweet and tangy flavor and eye-catching deep red hue, it's a perfect treat to savor this summer.
  • Flavor Notes
    Sweet and tart with notes of juicy berries
  • Tea Type
  • Caffeine level
  • Origin
    Mighty Leaf Blend
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Caffeine Level

Organic Wild Berry Hibiscus Gallon Iced Tea Bags (10-ct)
No Caffeine
Light Caffeine

Steeping methods

  • 1 pouch/gallon
  • 212 ℉
  • 5 Minutes


Organic Hibiscus Flowers,Organic Elderberries,Natural Flavors

How It Tastes

A vibrant and sweet herbal infusion of tart hibiscus blended with a lush mix of elderberries and flavors of ripe fruits. It's berry bliss in a cup.


Hibiscus is celebrated worldwide-mostly along the equator where it grows naturally - in many different cultures. It goes by as many different names as there are cultures that drink it. Often enjoyed for alleged circulatory benefits, it's tangy, wine-like taste is universally loved.


Sourcing the best

The whole leaf. The whole flavor.

Our teas showcase larger, bolder tea leaves that are never broken, torn, or crushed, giving you a complex, nuanced taste that you can't find anywhere else.

Quality Process

  • Sourcing the best ingredients

    All of our teas are sourced exclusively from small-scale farmers and smaller agricultural models.

  • Unique blending process

    Each ingredient is brought to our California HQ where it goes through intensive flavor testing and quality assurance.

  • Packaged for freshness

    The tea is then carefully wrapped in one of our signature, hand-stitched tea pouches for maximal freshness.

  • Delivered to your doorstep

    Your tea order is then custom packaged and delivered right to your door.