Assam Golden Tip Loose Leaf

A traditional India Black Tea from the celebrated tea region, boasting bright golden tips—a sign of fine plucking.
$7.95 / 4 oz. pkg.
  • Flavor Notes
    strong, malty
  • Caffeine level
  • Origin
    India & Sri Lanka
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Caffeine Level

Assam Golden Tip Loose Leaf
No Caffeine
Light Caffeine

Steeping methods

  • 1 tsp (2g)/8oz
  • 212 ℉
  • 3-5 Minutes


Black tea leaves

How It Tastes

Assam Golden Tip Tea has a perfectly balanced sweet malty aroma with a strong, rich taste, which makes it an ideal breakfast tea. Excellent with a splash of milk. The leaf is a bold Broken style, allowing for quick infusion, dense body, and bright red color.


From the moment the first lots sold at the 1839 London auction, Assam tea has maintained its dominance among British tea blends. Golden Tip’s namesake leaves turn color during the peak quality period of the second flush, adding a pop of gold among the rich, black leaves. Our Assam Golden Tip black tea is a blend of hand-selected lots grown by the Brahmaputra River at the foot of the Himalayas in Assam, India. 


Sourcing the best

The whole leaf. The whole flavor.

Our teas showcase larger, bolder tea leaves that are never broken, torn, or crushed, giving you a complex, nuanced taste that you can't find anywhere else.

Quality Process

  • Sourcing the best ingredients

    All of our teas are sourced exclusively from small-scale farmers and smaller agricultural models.

  • Unique blending process

    Each ingredient is brought to our California HQ where it goes through intensive flavor testing and quality assurance.

  • Packaged for freshness

    The tea is then carefully wrapped in one of our signature, hand-stitched tea pouches for maximal freshness.

  • Delivered to your doorstep

    Your tea order is then custom packaged and delivered right to your door.

Reviews (9)
Average rating:
from Livermore, CA on 2/4/2018.

I miss Peet's tea .. it had flavor which Mighty Leaf does not. I'm not sure why the decision was to dump the tea everyone liked. I've found a new source for buying tea .. I'm very disappointed with Peet's.

from Lake Oswego, OR on 6/25/2017. Drinking Peet's since 2008i.

Agree with other reviewers that the Assam golden tip is a shadow of its former self. Weaker, less flavorful. Unfortunately that seems to be true of many of the loose leaf teas since the change over to Mighty Leaf. And my local stores carry fewer varieties of black teas than before. The better quality Assam - Extra Fancy - for example, is never available. Actively looking for a new source for loose leaf teas.

from Athens, OH on 11/16/2016. Drinking Peet's since the l.

Assam golden tip is my favorite! I buy it by the pound, and I have not found it to be any different under the Mighty Leaf brand.

from Fremont, CA on 7/20/2016. Drinking Peet's since 1992.

It is with great sadness that I learn Peet's is out of the tea business. I've been a customer for well over 20 years and it has been my go-to source for tea. The quality of Mighty Leaf is significantly lower that what Pete's provided. Unless the quality changes, I'm afraid Peet's has lost a long and loyal customer. What a disappointment.

from Berkeley, CA on 7/3/2016. Drinking Peet's since 1982.

Mighty Leaf (horrid name) is cheap tea....nothing like Mr. Peet's justifiably priced fine tea. This is overpriced mediocrity, trading on a previous reputation. It was a point of impeccableness, pride, for Mr. Peet, scion of generations of Javanese tea and spice traders, to only sell the best tea. Now that the new company has taken over, the quality has plummeted. Don't waste your money. Bet they don't publish this.