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Decaf Breakfast Tea Bags

A robust whole leaf Ceylon black tea, punctuated with toasty notes and a hearty finish.
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  • Flavor Notes
    Lively, with citrus zest notes and aromas of freshly baked bread
  • Caffeine level
  • Origin
    India & Sri Lanka
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Caffeine Level

Decaf Breakfast Tea Bags
No Caffeine
Light Caffeine

Steeping methods

  • 1 tsp (2g)/8oz
  • 212 ℉
  • 4 Minutes


Decaffeinated black tea leavesDecaffeinated black tea leavesDecaffeinated black tea leavesDecaffeinated black tea leaves

How It Tastes

Aromatic and brisk, with toasty and zesty elements, this decaf breakfast tea is great plain or with milk; and even better with sugar or a touch of honey.


This tea is decaffeinated using the supercritical CO2 process, the most superior method available. The integrity of the leaf is maintained, while almost all of the caffeine is removed. We've found Ceylon orange pekoe leaves to be the best material for decaffeination, retaining most of their original character.


Sourcing the best

The whole leaf. The whole flavor.

Our teas showcase larger, bolder tea leaves that are never broken, torn, or crushed, giving you a complex, nuanced taste that you can't find anywhere else.

Quality Process

  • Sourcing the best ingredients

    All of our teas are sourced exclusively from small-scale farmers and smaller agricultural models.

  • Unique blending process

    Each ingredient is brought to our California HQ where it goes through intensive flavor testing and quality assurance.

  • Packaged for freshness

    The tea is then carefully wrapped in one of our signature, hand-stitched tea pouches for maximal freshness.

  • Delivered to your doorstep

    Your tea order is then custom packaged and delivered right to your door.

Reviews (5)
Average rating:
from Orange, CA on 3/16/2018. Drinking Peet's since 1996.

Very disappointed that Peets no longer has a robust decaf tea. I've been a faithful drinker of Peet's decaf English breakfast as my exclusive decaf tea since worked for Peet's back in college 20+ years ago. These tea pouches are a poor substitute and now I'm exploring other brands to find a reasonable replacement.

from Carlsbad, CA on 8/18/2017. Drinking Peet's since 1968.

Agree with everyone else. Been drinking Peet's coffee and tea since Mr. Peet himself stood behind the counter! He would roll over in his grave to see what has happened to the products he had so carefully chosen, handled and sold. Gone corporate...just like so much else.

from Seattle, WA on 5/14/2016. Drinking Peet's since 2012.

I agree. This tea IS NOT the same as PEET's was, even tho the salespeople insist it is identical. It's weak and fairly tasteless, as the other reviewers have mentioned.

on 3/25/2016. Drinking Peet's since n/a.

I agree...I have enjoyed Peet's signature tea's, including English Breakfast and SEVERAL other's for years now and to have them replaced by Mighty Leaf is a great dismay! I search for good tea from another company will now begin. And to think how loyal I have been to Peet's Tea and even have served it for years to The Las Vegas Ladies Tea Society of which I am the founding member.

on 2/28/2016. Drinking Peet's since n/a.

Extremely disappointing tea. Weak and flavorless with no taste. I was a devoted drinker of Peet's own decaf English Breakfast tea which was a truly brisk and satisfying cup of tea. Tannic and astringent but in a good way. Hearty enough to hold up to a dollop of milk if so desired. And virtually indistinguishable from a caffeinated cuppa. I can't believe that anyone really thought it was a good idea to get rid of the Peet's own blends of teas for this. Not only was the English Breakfast delicious but the decaf Masala Chai was unusually good as well. Just when I had how long a pound would last me and I was ready to consider going on subscription, my beverage of choice was discontinued. Don't you know how hard it is to find really good loose decaf tea??? Please bring back the Peet's proprietary blends!!! Until then I'll be getting my tea elsewhere.