What is a Peet's Card?

The Peet's Card is a re-loadable debit card that can be used at any Peet's store, as well as at www.peets.com or by calling (800) 999-2132. It's convenient, collectible, and it makes a great gift.

Where can I use my Peet's Card?

You can use your Peet's Card at any Peet's retail store. You can also use it at www.peets.com and by calling 800-999-2132.

Can I use my Peet's card at grocery stores, airports or licensed partner kiosks?

No, the Peet's card is only usable at Peet's retail stores, on www.peets.com, or by calling 800-999-2132.

How do I know the balance on my card?

The balance can be checked on any register at any Peet's store. You can also check the balance by going to the "Check Balance" section on www.peets.com/peetscard, or by calling 800-999-2132.

When I run out of money on my card, do I have to purchase another one?

No, Peet's Cards are fully re-loadable with any value up to a total of $200.

What happens if I lose my card?

You should treat the Peet's card like cash. Keep it in a safe place, and print your name and phone number on the back. Peet's is not responsible for lost or stolen cards. However, if you register your Peet's Card we will be able to issue you a replacement card, for the value on the card at the time you notify us.

How do I register my card?

Simply go to www.peets.com/peetscard and click on "Register". Or you can call our customer service department at 800-999-2132 and ask to register your card.

Why should I register my Peet's Card?

Registering your card has several benefits. If you register your card we have a record that you are the card's owner. If you ever lose or damage your Peet's Card, we will be able to issue you a replacement card. Please note that we can only replace the value of the card at the time you contact us, so you should notify us of any loss or damage as soon as it occurs; Peet's is not responsible for any previous value on the card. You can also sign up to receive email and special offers from Peet's.

Specific web/800 FAQs

How will my Peet's Card be sent to me?

We will send all Peet's Cards by US Mail, except in those cases where a customer buys a large enough number of cards where we need to send a parcel, in which case we will use our usual bulk shippers.

Can I order a Peet's Card along with other items?

Since Peet's Cards are shipped through a different fulfillment system, you will need to place orders for other items (such as coffee, tea, and hardware) separately.