All Coffee / K-Cup® Pod Variety Pack 80ct

K-Cup® Pod Variety Pack 80ct


Explore the world of Peet's K-Cup Pods with this variety pack featuring eight 10ct boxes in our bestselling K-Cup flavors.



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Product Details

There’s something for everyone in this 80ct variety pack featuring our top-selling K-Cup blends – two (2) bright and mild light roasts, two (2) smooth and aromatic medium roasts, and four (4) of our signature rich and full-bodied dark roasts. Variety pack contains one (1) each of:

  • Major Dickason's Blend® K-Cup® Pods 10ct

  • Organic Alma de la Tierra K-Cup® Pods 10ct

  • House Blend K-Cup® Pods 10ct

  • French Roast K-Cup® Pods 10ct

  • Big Bang™ K-Cup® Pods 10ct

  • Cafe Domingo® K-Cup® Pods 10ct

  • Luminosa Breakfast Blend K-Cup® Pods 10ct

  • Costa Rica Aurora K-Cup® Pods 10ct

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