Gaggia MDF Espresso Burr Grinder

Item No. 476533

An ideal complement for any of our coffee makers.
The Gaggia MDF grinder was built for coffee lovers who demand ultimate control over grind quality. This grinder operates exactly like its commercial cousins, with a doping mechanism that drops measured amounts of ground coffee directly into your portafilter. With 39 levels of precision-indexed fineness control, you can grind for espresso to drip to French press. Gaggia equips the MDF with a commercial strength 120-watt motor coupled with a smooth-as-silk gear reduction system, providing tremendous torque and an extremely quiet operation in contrast to the high-pitched whine commonly associated with other grinders. As you would expect from Gaggia, the grinding burrs are the same ones used in their commercial line – 50 millimeters for maximum durability. You will also notice that there is virtually no static charge buildup, a common complaint about home grinders. The ground coffee container for the dosing section is made of smoked plastic and can hold up to 8 ounces of ground coffee. Each pull of the plastic handle will dispense about 7 grams of coffee from the ground coffee container directly into your portafilter handle. Use one pull for a single shot and two pulls for a double shot. Less mess and more control than other style grinders.

• Housing Material: Thermo-Set Plastic.
• Weight: 10 lbs.
• Color: Black.
• Hopper Capacity: 10 ounces.
• Doser Capacity: 8 ounces.

8.5" (L) X 4.5" (W) X 13" (H)

2014-04-16 05:37:46

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