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Golden Dragon Oolong

Item No. 500149

Available: Peet's Store

Flavor Notes

A lush, floral aroma that dances above peaches and light herbal notes

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About this tea

Tea Story

Golden Dragon Oolong is our finest quality Formosa tea, with a distinctive sweet, dry, peach-pit flavor and floral aroma. This tea is more carefully attended than almost any on earth. Bushes are grown in shade to slow the leaf growth and develop unique properties. Unlike other fine teas, the leaves are allowed to grow longer prior to plucking, and instead of two leaves and a bud, harvesters pluck three. Entire leaf bud sets, still intact from the moment of plucking, often linger at the bottom of the pot. To make the tea, the leaves are first withered in the sun for two hours, then several pounds of leaf are wrapped in cotton and hand-pressed, so as not to tear the leaves. The leaves are then unwrapped and allowed to wither and oxidize in shade; then all three steps are repeated multiple times. To finish the tea, the leaves are first pan-fired, graded, then finally fired in baskets over hot coals.

Brewing Tips

Start with a preheated cup or teapot.
Measure 2 spoonfuls (3g) of tea for each cup of water.
Bring the water to a rolling boil; steep tea for 4 to 5 minutes.
Strain leaves while pouring.

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  • Lauren , drinking Peet's since 2001 7/9/15
  • Midland, MI (formerly Berkeley, across the street , MI

This is my very favorite Peet's tea. I cook a lot of Chinese food and oolong is the traditional accompaniment. For me, this tea is a big part of the meal. The tea and the food interact on the palate so it's really important to me to have a good oolong. This is simply the best, and I'm saying that as a tea fanatic. It's also ridiculously inexpensive for what it is. I'm getting a little desperate because this is out of stock and I'm running low...I have tried other oolongs, including the others offered by Peet's, and none compare. If this comes back in stock do yourself a favor and buy a couple of tins. At the rate I go through this tea I will probably buy at least four with no danger of the tea losing quality before I use it! Highly recommended

  • Mona , drinking Peet's since 2002 11/19/14
  • Los Angeles , CA

Amazing tea. The taste and aroma is magical.

  • Jehu Bako , drinking Peet's since 2006 12/27/12
  • Avalon, CA

Extracting this Formosa's delicate flavor cannot be achieved by merely following instructions. However, the solution is simple and the result is extraordinary! Applying freshly boiled water seemed to prevent a hidden "honey-peach" flavor from being unmasked behind the apricot flavor. As most Oolongs, this one must have a 2 minute wait to obtain 180-195 degrees to properly steep. Any higher would make this tea steep as a Pu-erh. Containing similar attributes and flavor to Bai Hoa Oolong, this tea must also be carefully infused. If infused for 3-4 minutes, it can reveal an explosion of smooth honey and sweet peach flavor while releasing a spicy floral fragrance!

  • Jane Figueiredo , drinking Peet's since 2007 3/21/09
  • Charlevoix, MI

I just did a taste test of the 3 teas- Golden Dragon Oolong, Phoenix Mountain Oolong and Amber Oolong - The rare Golden Dragon Oolong won hands down! It is well worth the extra cost. The downy tips and whole leaves unfurling beautifully make for a superior looking tea, and from the aroma alone, I could tell it is a really exceptional tea. The Phoenix Mountain Oolong is also good in aroma and taste. The Amber oolong- not so much. Thanks for making available a really superior tea!

  • Alana 7/31/07
  • Valencia, CA

Living in the heat of Southern California, I've come to appreciate a refreshing glass of iced tea. While a bit pricey for that use, GDO has fast become my favorite splurge. This is the only Oolong I've encountered without the characteristic bitter bite at the end, making it ideal for serving over ice. No sugar needed.

  • Jim S. 9/28/01
  • Marlboro, MA

The GDO blend is a very nice brew. Deep red, and very sweet. It appeals to my sweet tooth, and there is no bitterness. It has a fruity-floral aroma which adds to its appeal. So far, it is my favorite Peet's tea blend.

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Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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  • Jessica Moore , drinking Peet's since 2007 12/5/10
  • Shift Lead/C&T Specialist
  • Treat & Oak Grove #177
  • Treat & Oak Grove #177

This tea is such a treat for any day, hot or cold. As an oolong should, Gold Dragon has the best flavors of a Green and Black tea. Bright with peach undertones, a sweet malty flavor, all nicely steeped to a smooth and clean finish. Over ice the peach and fruit flavors stand out as if it were a green tea. My favorite oolong offered by Peet's.

  • josh k 6/30/08
  • 141

Useing the gongfu steeping method, ive been making customers an iced "green" and a hot "black" tea. This is one of the best qualities about Golden dragon. just the fact that they are getting two cups from one serving really gives it an advantage to get people interested in tea in a more pationate light and it makes it an easy sale. my customers are getting more into the story of tea and its origins and are now expanding there pallet in oolong teas, and single origin teas rather than the more typical teas like english breakfast or earl greys.

  • Kate Robinson 9/10/06
  • Coffee and Tea Specialist
  • Brookline, Brookline,MA,
  • Brookline, MA

I have really enjoyed my experience with Peet's Oolongs in general- but this Formosa offering has been especially intriguing. The very nature of this tea screams "hybrid". It boasts both the peach and the apricot aroma ; the wet and the oat texture- yet manages to remain a touch grassy at the finish. The leaves themselves are spectacular- but I usually rush to the cup.

  • Ross Blum 7/17/05
  • Retail sales/barista
  • Berkeley, CA
  • Berkeley, CA

What strikes me most emphatically is the rounded texture of this tea. The soft tannins are enveloped with the myriad expressions of citrus and flower on the palate while the aroma teases the senses, reminiscent of a fine Darjeeling. Since oolong teas hold a prominent place in tea ceremony as well as competitions among top tier producers, their pedigree is evident even at the uninfused stage midway between the ground in the country of origin and the brewed cup held in your hands. The leaves provide visual pleasures for those fortunate enough to have the opportunity to rest their eyes on the skillfully manipulated offerings form this Taiwanese camellia sinensis.

  • Alberto Garcia 6/30/05
  • Barista
  • Pasadena/South Lake
  • Pasadena/South Lake, CA

Golden Dragon Oolong is delightful. This tea is full of flavor, it is neither smoky nor grassy and as Goldie Locks would say,

  • Suzin McLaughlin 6/23/99
  • District Manager
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • San Francisco, CA

Golden Dragon Oolong tea is a fairly full bodied tea that tastes like you are drinking a cup of honey, but not quite as sweet. The thing I like most about it is, no matter how long you steep it, it still tastes good.

Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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