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Baridi Iced Coffee Blend

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Flavor Notes

Inherently sweet & aromatic with a clean finish

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About this coffee


Coffee Story

Baridi, Swahili for cold, reflects the Peet’s point of view on iced coffee. Some beans make much better iced coffee than others, so we set out to craft a blend designed specifically to be refreshing and delicious over ice. That means finding beans with the perfect flavor notes and roast profile to be bold up front with a crisp, clean finish, and we put a lot of extra time and care into selecting ours.

After extensive testing and blending, we chose the best East African coffees, select washed qualities from Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Rwanda. These coffees are overtly aromatic, even when chilled, and inherently bright and juicy, revving up the refreshment of an iced coffee drink. Roasting it more in a medium style, the payoff is as surprising as it is sweet. That's why, even though it's an excellent hot coffee, this blend makes the ideal iced coffee.

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  • David , drinking Peet's since Peet' 1/3/14
  • Columbus, OH

Forget iced! This is excellent coffee prepared hot. It has become my favorite blend. I was already an East African coffee bean fan so the Baridi was a welcome experience. This blend is well done. Thanks Peets!

  • Mary Christiansen , drinking Peet's since 2010 12/16/13
  • Altadena, CA

The go-to iced coffee. Make it the cold brew method in a 4-qt container to 1/2 pound coarse ground beans. Let it brew for 8 hours and strain through cheesecloth. So smooth. Add ice and milk/ half and half and voila, the perfect iced coffee all year round. I was told it is available year round even if it doesn't appear on the board. I have found it to be true!

  • Baxterrh , drinking Peet's since 2012 8/6/12
  • Scottsdale, AZ

Wow! It's very few and far between that you experience a taste you can't get enough of but your Peet's Baridi Iced Coffee is one of them. I picked this up as a curiousity at my local grocery store because I was tired of stopping by the local "big name-big bucks!" coffee place for an expensive iced coffee several times a week. Homerun!! Score! I've been making it every day since I bought it. It's so crisp and refreshing, I add a dash of cream and a little sweetener to taste and viola- perfect cool cup at home or on the way out the door, made my way, no fuss, way cheaper an better tasting to boot! Please make this a regular at my grocery store, you'll have a faithful customer year-round in balmy AZ :)

  • Jolly , drinking Peet's since 1987 7/21/12
  • Arcata, CA

Love this coffee! I hope you offer it ( or something similar) EVERY summer....thank you for the refreshing change of pace!

  • Lynda , drinking Peet's since 2012 7/4/12
  • St Paul, Mn

Great coffee. Awesome flavor for iced coffee. Does this blend come in whole bean? I bought it at the grocery store and they had it in ground only. I was surprised to find that it was finely ground because Broke make iced coffee you soak course ground coffee in water. I do love this coffee though. Doesn't stop me from buying it.

  • Michele Huebner 7/4/12
  • Odessa, TX

I ordered one bag to start off--wanted to sample it first. So good! Now I've ordered four more bags to help me make it through the summer. It may not last that long at the rate I'm drinking it. Thanks for a great iced coffee.

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9 Item(s)

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  • James , drinking Peet's since 2011 7/17/12
  • Shift Lead
  • 595 Market Street
  • 595 Market Street

I have always loved Peet's Iced coffee but, they have really outdone themselves with Baridi. You can taste the hard work and devotion that Peet's puts into every coffee. They have created such a crisp, delicious, and refreshing iced coffee! It's another reason to be proud to be a Peetnik!

9 Item(s)

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