Chemex Natural Coffee Filters

Price: $7.25
These natural coffee filters are essential for brewing the perfect cup with a Chemex coffee maker.
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Chemex natural coffee filters ensure the full extraction of desirable elements from the coffee, while eliminating bitter oils, acids, and fine sediment. Chemex coffee filters are designed for optimal coffee filtration speed (not too fast or too slow). The grain and heavy construction of the filter paper is truly unique in the world of coffee filters; none can compare to the Chemex in performance. Each box contains 100 filters.

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  • 11/12/17
  • Ragbert
  • drinking Peet's since decad
  • Anywhere

These are the absolute best coffee filters! I've been using them for a long time, and there is no better pour-over filter for preventing grounds from seeping into your cup. they're thick, unbleached (yay!) and ay 100 per box, very reasonably priced. I hope Peet carries them again - I wanted to order more but they seem to be unavailable right now..

  • 2/18/17
  • Miss Shirley A
  • drinking Peet's since 1999
  • Sacramento, CA

I don't care for these as much as the thicker white ones. Using two of these at once doesn't help much either.
The thick square bonded filters I used to buy caused the water to pour through the grounds slower so it produced more flavor. I bought 4 boxes of these to have on hand. Had no idea they were so thin. Drat. Good product but not for Cemex coffee I guess.

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