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Brazil Minas Naturais

Price: $14.95  per lb.

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Naturally processed coffee cherries from the Minas Gerais region are sweetened by the Brazilian sun.
Roasts every Wednesday.
Flavor Notes:
Smooth, full bodied and sun-dried sweet with natural notes of hazelnut.
About this coffee

Coffee story

We love natural Brazil coffees. They’re sweet, body-driven, and produce luscious espresso. The best examples exude a flavor like just-roasted hazelnuts. Minas is for Minas Gerais [mee-nas zher-ice], the biggest and we think best producing state located in the south-center of Brazil.

Naturais is Brazilian Portuguese for natural, the bean preparation method we most prefer in this part of the world. It takes sun, and plenty of it, to dry all the way through the skin and sweet pulp of the coffee fruit to the seeds inside. This is done on well-tended patios, where whole cherries are raked continuously, and also on the trees, where a portion of the pickings are left to dry on the branch.

For the record, all of our favorite farms also produce coffees by the “pulped natural” method, which involves removing the skin and some of the fruit pulp from the outset, and the “washed” method, which fully removes it, as is the standard in countries like Costa Rica. In Brazil, with lower altitudes and less acidity, we find the typical washed coffee to be somewhat bland.

Brazil Minas Naturais is anything but, making maximal effect of slow sun drying for a thoroughly sweet cup with mild fruit and caramel notes, unctuous hazelnut and smooth, full body.

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  • 6/11/18
  • Bruna
  • drinking Peet's since 2016
  • Los Angeles , CA

As a Brazilian I have to admit that this coffee takes me to my mom's or grandma's house just by its smell. I love coffee and have elected this one as my everyday coffee for already 2 years.

  • 3/20/18
  • Ryan
  • drinking Peet's since 2018
  • Moundsville , WV

I f@cking love this coffee!! It’s a cup of pure pleasure. Keep brewing!!

  • 11/25/17
  • Richard
  • drinking Peet's since 1998
  • Peru , IL

The best mistake I've ever ordered! Great flavor.

  • 10/15/17
  • Teri
  • drinking Peet's since Prehi
  • Washington DC, DC

I tried it while staying at a friend's. It's now my go-to blend.

  • 9/29/17
  • Katie
  • Bowie, MD

Love, but why can't I find it in stores anymore? Please tell me this is not discontinued

5 of 19 Reviews | View All

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2018-07-19 11:46:18

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