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Organic Ceremonial Matcha (1.5oz)

Price: $24.95  per 1.5 oz pkg.
A finely-ground powdered green tea from traditional Japanese tea ceremony; shade grown and slowly milled to offer the distinctive flavors of this natural tea.
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Matcha is the powdered green tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony, now making its way from the traditional tea house into beverages, foods, and confections. High quality Matcha is finely-ground in specially-designed sealed production rooms, using only the flesh of the green tea leaf. The milling is very slow and kept at cool temperatures to retain the fresh rich taste of the tea.

Our Organic Matcha comes from Shizuoka in Japan, plucked from bushes that are intentionally shaded from the sun during the spring first flush, a process that enhances the amount of chlorophyll and theanine (a beneficial amino acid) in the leaf. The bright green color and distinctive taste are completely natural.

This is the same tea that we use to make our Matcha Latte in Peet's stores. It’s excellent mixed with milk, or prepared just with hot water in the usucha (“thin tea”) style.

• First, measure 1.5 grams of Matcha powder into a dry cup (about 1/3 of a normal teaspoon).
• Add 1 oz. of 180°F hot water
• Froth using a small handheld wire mixer.
• Add additional hot water, or hot or cold milk to taste.

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