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Pride of the Port® (4oz)

Price: $13.95
Bright red with floral and toasty notes
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A tribute to our tea buyer’s great-great-grandfather and the merchant ship he captained. We set out to craft a premium blend of China and India black teas that paid homage to this history

Peet's Pride of the Port® is now a Mighty Leaf tea. Same origin, same flavor, same quality.
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Steeping Instructions:
• Start with a preheated cup or teapot.
• Measure 1 spoonful (3g) of tea for each cup of water.
• Bring the water to a boil; let it cool for 30 seconds (200° F) before steeping tea for 4 minutes.
• Strain leaves while pouring.

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  • 3/1/18
  • Betsy
  • drinking Peet's since the e
  • Seattle, WA

must take back my earlier review-- it was absolutely true for Peet's-era tea. But the Mighty Leaf tin I bought a few months ago was dreadful-- no complexity, flat, and dusty. I've had mass market orange pekoe tea bags that tasted better. Sooooo disappointing.

  • 9/2/17
  • Susan
  • drinking Peet's since 1965
  • Albuquerque, NM

Just opened a tin of the Mighty Leaf version to find an fine orange dust clinging to the leaves and the inside of the container. Ugh. As others have noted, Mighty Leaf is a poor runner up to the original Peets teas.

  • 8/5/17
  • drinking Peet's since 2000
  • Littleton, MA

Pride of the Port is my favorite all time tea blend. The flavors are full bodied, complex, while still delicate. No other tea blend that I've had elsewhere comes close. My son and I both depend on our cup of Pride of the Port to get us going every morning.

  • 7/17/17
  • Bekah
  • drinking Peet's since 2004
  • San Jose, CA

I agree that Pride of the Port is nothing like what it was before the Mighty Leaf merger. It is now weak and flat--an average tea. A few times I've found sawdust-like particles in my Pride of the Port tins and returned them. In the 13 years I've been drinking Peet's products, this never once occurred. After the Mighty Leaf merger, I don't know how many more times I'll open a tin and find disgusting "sawdust" particles. I'm very sad.

  • 10/27/16
  • Betsy
  • drinking Peet's since more
  • Seattle, WA

I should say off the bat that my teas of choice are all high mountain oolong. But sometimes one just needs a good cuppa black tea, and Pride of the Port is really wonderful. It is good with milk, but I prefer its bracing character plain. Nice color too.

5 of 9 Reviews | View All

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2018-07-17 01:40:28

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