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Organic Ancient Trees Pu'er (4oz)

Price: $22.95  per 4 oz. pkg.
Aged black tea with a rich, smooth finish
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For generations the people of Yunnan province have wild-harvested the leaves of old, tree-sized tea plants. The pressed leaves' unique shape is called Tuo Cha or “bowl tea”; it can be aged and enjoyed for years.

USDA Organic Certified

Peet's Ancient Tree Organic Pu'erh is now a Mighty Leaf tea. Same origin, same flavor, same quality.
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Steeping Instructions:
• Place one unwrapped tuo cha piece in a 12-oz. to 16-oz. teapot
• Rinse the tea with a small amount of boiling water to mellow its character, and to preheat the pot. Discard rinse water.
• Steep tea covered in boiling water for 5 minutes. Strain the leaves while pouring.
• Pu'er leaves can be steeped a second time, for a pot just as delicious as the first.

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  • 7/19/17
  • Claude
  • drinking Peet's since the X
  • Santa Barbara, CA

Full disclosure: I am a new Pu-ehr aficionado. This tea is by far the best I have found thus far, after a fair amount of experimentation. I would give it five stars were it not for its very high price, even though I do realize that one gets what one pays for.

  • 5/17/16
  • Kathy
  • drinking Peet's since 2007
  • , a Peet's Employee
  • Customer Service Rep
  • Emeryville
  • Oakland, CA

I Love this tea. It's like a black tea but without the astringency. It's very smooth, kind of has a light oilyness to it, and the more you resteep this tea the smoother it gets. It's a good tea to go with savory and sweet pastries. The Chinese normally offer this tea at dim sum because it complements everything on their menu. I have tried many Pu-er

  • 5/13/16
  • Moneisha
  • , a Peet's Employee
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Home Office
  • emeryville, CA

Great Tea - After a recent side tasting with Sheng Pu'er, and also learning its history, I am able to appreciate it even more. I'm really impressed with the flavor profile have to admit this was a delightful surprise in a cup. Very smooth and holds it's flavor and color after the second steeping, which truly blew me away.

This tea is definitely one for the tea connoisseur. If you are searching for a tea that is tea forward, I'd definitely recommend trying this tea - Definitely worth every cent, and a little goes a long way.

  • 4/7/16
  • Kathy
  • drinking Peet's since n/a

This tea is fantastic tasting. It's smooth, rich and has a light nuttiness that I like. The aroma warms up the room. Best part is you can steep it multiple times and still get that rich balanced tea flavor.

  • 1/30/16
  • John
  • drinking Peet's since long
  • Piqua, OH

Note that Pu-erh, or Pu'er is spelled variably within this article and even on different sizes of the product available here have labels that vary. This makes it very difficult to find on the search engine, which is not 'sloppy' enough in my experience to recognize at least my own particular variants in spelling, which did away with hyphens and apostrophes.

I'm re-emphasizing the need to experiment with amounts and times in brewings, and it's also found that more time is necessary in the later brews. I've heard it suggested that when you get the desired results from the first post-wash brew, that you add 20 seconds per brew to each subsequent brew. For example, first brew, one minute; second brew, one minute 20 seconds; third brew, one minute 40 seconds; fourth brew, 2 minutes, and so forth.

A glass serving container or a shallow tea mug with a white bottom will make color determinations easier. The colors of these teas can be very lovely and enhance the overall experience.

5 of 6 Reviews | View All

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2018-07-16 04:22:29

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