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Tea FAQs

Tea is an ancient and nuanced tradition. Ask us anything – after 30 years, we've got some of the answers.

What types of tea does Peet's offer?
Peet's offers black, oolong, green and pu-erh teas, as well as herbal infusions (or tisanes).
Do different teas have different caffeine levels?
All teas have roughly the same caffeine content, from 40-70 mg. per cup (compared to coffee, which has an average of 100 mg. per cup). Black teas tend to have slightly more caffeine and Oolong and Green teas tend to have slightly less. Herbal "teas," which are not truly teas but infusions of herbs, generally have no caffeine.
Does Peet's sell decaffeinated tea?
Yes. We offer Decaffeinated English Breakfast, Decaffeinated Darjeeling F.O.P., Decaffeinated Lu Cha (green tea) and Decaffeinated Masala Chai.
What makes Peet's tea bags unique?
Peet's tea bags contain 30% more tea than most brands, insuring the ideal strength for a flavorful cup. We also use the same high quality tea in the bags as we offer loose leaf.
What are the most important things to know about brewing tea?
1. Measure carefully using 3 grams for every 6 oz. of water. 2. Preheat your teapot, to stabilize brewing temperature when steeping. 3. Use freshly drawn cold filtered water in your kettle. Pour water directly over the leaves at recommended brewing temperature (212F for black tea, 175-195F for oolong, green and white). 4. Time your steep carefully – 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the tea and your personal taste.
For more detailed brewing instructions, visit our tea brewing pages.
Why does Peet's recommend brewing loose leaf tea in a pot?
In a teapot, loose leaves have room to fully circulate and expand in the water while they steep, giving you a fuller flavor. Tea bags and tea balls tend to restrict extraction of flavor.
Is herbal "tea" really tea?
No. True tea consists of processed leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant, and is a beverage derived from steeping those leaves in hot water. Colloquially, a hot beverage made from other herbs or flowers and steeped in hot water may be called an "herbal infusion" or "tisane", even "tea", but officially herbal tea is not really tea.
What is Orange Pekoe?
Orange Pekoe is a term that describes the "grade" of a tea leaf in India or Sri Lanka. This grade refers to size, not quality. This term's origin is now lost, but we know that it does not denote an orange flavoring. Peet's has multiple Orange Pekoe (Darjeeling Fancy, Assam Extra Fancy,) and Broken Orange Pekoe (Irish and English Breakfast, Assam Golden Tip, Darjeeling Choice) grade teas.
What is First Flush?
A "flush" of tea leaves is the new growth of leaves on a tea bush. First flush is the first growth after the rains for the spring harvest.
How should tea be stored?
An air-tight tin is ideal, such as the standard Peet's tea packaging. Tea must be kept away from light, heat, air, and especially moisture. It should never be frozen. Most teas will keep for up to one year or longer depending on tea. See the "enjoy by" freshness date on each package.

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