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Vietnam Da Lat Arabica

Surpassingly fragrant and lavish with caramel, this impeccable micro-lot was carefully selected and tended by hand.
$19.95  lb.

Flavor Notes

Earthy and aromatic as the balmy highlands it hails from.

Flavor Category

Herbal / Earthy

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Brewing Methods

  • Drip
  • Pour Over
  • Press Pot
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How It Tastes

Like a clean Sumatra, weighty in the cup with herbaceous malt that smells of sweet tobacco and tastes complex and zesty.


The small-hold farmers of Vietnam are known the world over for their dedication and yield, growing coffee at volumes second only to Brazil. Yet we’ve found ourselves captured by this unprecedented micro-lot of Arabica. Grown in the southern central highlands of Da Lat, where the sweltry air cools near the coast of the South China Sea, this crop is a stunning departure from the region’s more common Robusta. To taste the spicy redolence of this lush tropic in such a carefully crafted premium coffee is a unique opportunity.

Worth Noting

Only perfect scarlet coffee cherries were selected for this small batch. Wet-hulled and dried on raised beds in greenhouses, they’ve been turned by hand for twenty days, twice the typical time and labor. The controlled conditions and added attention tightly attune color, flavor and aromatics, while allowing the beans to absorb wild yeasts afloat in the damp air as they refine and darken.

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