Zambia Estate

Big beans, big cup, from the Mfinga Hills in Zambia
Roast Dates:
Flavor Notes:
Dazzling acidity, juicy notes of grape and blackcurrant
About this coffee

Coffee story

We love East African coffees for their floral aromas and sweet, deep berry notes.

Ethiopia and Kenya are long-time Peet's favorites while neighboring Rwanda and Tanzania are growing in popularity.

Nearby Zambia is a relative newcomer, but with a focus on quality, farmers are now producing some of East Africa's top lots. After many trial tastings, we were delighted to discover this blend of large screen (big beans) from two sister estates in the Mfinga Hills in Zambia's Northern Province. Its dazzling acidity and grape juice sweetness jumped out at the cupping table, invigorating both our palates and our enthusiasm for the possibilities of Zambia coffee.

Enjoy this Rain Forest Alliance certified coffee—an emergent East African jewel.

Peet's Coffee Buying Team
Doug, Phil, Sean, Emily

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  • 4/25/17
  • Dave
  • Santa Rosa, CA

This coffee is great. Full flavor a must try.

  • 4/23/17
  • Richard
  • Houston, TX

Excellent coffee! If you like African coffees then you should really enjoy it. I did!

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