Italian Roast

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A penetrating roast just shy of French with flavorful, full-bodied coffees from Latin America and the Pacific.
Flavor Notes:
Vigorous and intense, with immense depth and texture. Rewardingly flavorful.
About this coffee

Coffee story

Named for the dark roasting style common in southern Italy, this deep, demanding roast is truly an art to achieve. It challenges even our most experienced roaster craftsmen, relying on their sharp senses to develop the bold, broad flavor palette of the fullest-bodied, most flavorful beans from Latin America and the Pacific. Watching, listening, and smelling the beans throughout the long, slow process, our masterful roasters wait patiently for the brief moment when these premium beans reach dark roasted perfection.

The intensity of our Italian Roast demands beans that are strong enough to hold up, which is why we select only the best high-altitude coffees for their depth and density. The vigorous flavors and balanced, complex aromas make for a boldly perfect cup that's poised between our signature Deep Roast and our French.

Brewing Tips

We think Italian Roast is excellent for espresso, especially for those who enjoy it with a darker roast — of course, the powerful, full-bodied flavor also comes to life nicely in a classic Italian stovetop coffee maker.

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  • 11/20/16
  • Bryan
  • drinking Peet's since 2008
  • Marietta, GA

One of the most underrated or passed blends in the Peet's family of coffee. I made the mistake of getting Big Bang and it wasn't my cup of coffee. This is a harder find but a great reward to those who get it.

  • 3/3/16
  • Aaron H.
  • drinking Peet's since n/a

I've hated coffee all my life. If I had it, it was for the caffeine, and it would be cream, and sugar with a hint of coffee basically. Until about three years ago; my coffee obsessed friend got me to try Peet's Italian Roast. I no longer hate coffee, or add anything to it. This Roast is very special to me; it reminds me almost of eating food, like a delicious bread. Every sip is such a truly fantastic experience.

  • 2/18/14
  • Jean
  • drinking Peet's since 1978
  • Los Angeles, CA

Italian is my favorite Peet's roast, dark & rich. Couldn't live without it. Peet's is the best.

  • 6/2/13
  • Ivonne
  • drinking Peet's since 3 mon
  • Downey, CA

I am hook with this coffee! Italian roast is the best blend that i have tasted so far.

  • 5/20/13
  • Catherine
  • drinking Peet's since 2001
  • Encinitas, CA

This is my favorite coffee for all uses, but remember to properly grind for the machine you are using. Purchasing pre-ground in the grocery store will not be a fine enough grind for espresso machines.
I always purchase Whole Bean direct from Peets online. Order 3 pounds and save on shipping.
Want to cut down your caffeine? Try my personal blend: Half Italian Roast, Half Sumatra Decaf.

5 of 7 Reviews | View All

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2017-01-16 06:34:15

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