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Half-Caf Sumatra

$18.95 / lb

With the same richness and character as our regular Sumatra and half the caffeine, perfect for those who want to drink twice as many delicious cups.




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Flavor Profile

Earth, Sandalwood, Treacle

Roast Details

Roast: Roasting is the catalyst for expressing the aroma, flavor, and individuality of a coffee through the essential, transformational application of heat.

Brightness: Acidity. Liveliness. A desirable, sharp, and pleasing sensation that heightens coffee’s flavor.

Body: The tactile impression of thickness and viscosity in the mouth, independent of taste and aroma.











Type: Single Origin

Origin: Indo-Pacific

Process: Wet-hulled

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The Story

Sumatra comes from the garden plots of small landholders, who process beans by hand, using the semi-washed method, the secret to this coffee's unconstrained flavor and hefty, syrup-like body. Cherries are pulped with a hand-cranked mill, and the seeds hand washed in a basket. Collectors purchase and hull the coffee while still moist, removing the parchment shells and...

Brewing Methods

For Half-Caf Sumatra

  • The press pot, or French Press, offers direct infusion for full-bodied coffee. It's an ideal companion for dark roasts, bringing out rich, complex flavors.

    Total Time

    ~5 Minutes

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  • Pour-over brewing is a simple way to brew a clean, bright cup. It brings out subtle nuances in coffee, particularly those with bright, sparkling flavors.

    Total Time

    ~5 Minutes

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