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Our people

  • Shawn Conway
    Shawn Conway Chief Executive Officer
    Shawn has served as Chief Operating Officer since 2012, overseeing many essential departments of Peet’s, including Coffee and Tea, Research & Development, Product Development.
  • Eric Lauterbach
    Eric Lauterbach President & Chief Operating Officer
    Eric joined Peet's in 2010 as head of the Consumer Division, a $400M business unit which includes CPG, eCommerce, Food Service and Office channels.
  • Erica Brown
    Erica Brown President, Retail
    Erica has been with Peet’s since 2012 and today leads strategy, operations and growth for all retail concepts, including company owned Coffeebars, as well as Food Service and Licensed Partners currently delivering branded coffee and tea retail experiences.
  • Rosy Gu
    Rosy Gu Chief Financial Officer
    Rosy Gu joined Peet’s Coffee in 2019 as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Rosy brings tremendous depth, experience and perspective to Peet’s, having worked globally across a wide range of consumer, food, and service industries.
  • Tiffin Groff
    Tiffin Groff VP / General Manager
    Tiffin Groff joined Peet’s Coffee in 2010 and currently leads the brand’s successful Beverage Division as General Manager.
  • Jerry Baldwin
    Jerry Baldwin Member of the Board of Directors
    In the specialty coffee industry, Jerry Baldwin is both a pioneer and a guru. He started in 1970, picking up the finer points of selecting, roasting, and blending from Mr. Peet.


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