Our people

Meet the dedicated experts, artisans, and team members at the heart of Peet's.


  • Shawn Conway
    Shawn Conway COO
    Shawn has served as COO since 2012, overseeing many essential departments of Peet's, including Coffee and Tea, Research & Development, Product Development.
  • John Coletta
    John Coletta Chief Financial & Strategy Officer
    John's background in the food and beverage industry includes leadership roles at Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Quiznos, and Boulder Beer.
  • Eric Lauterbach
    Eric Lauterbach President of the Consumer Division
    Eric joined Peet's in 2010 as head of the Consumer Division, a $400M business unit which includes CPG, eCommerce, Food Service and Office channels.
  • Jerry Baldwin
    Jerry Baldwin Member of the Board of Directors
    In the specialty coffee industry, Jerry Baldwin is both a pioneer and a guru. He started in 1970, picking up the finer points of selecting, roasting, and blending from Mr. Peet.
  • Doug Welsh
    Doug Welsh VP Coffee & Roastmaster
    Doug has been the Vice President and Roastmaster since 2004. His relationship with Peet's began as a customer while earning degrees at the University of California.
  • Tiffin Groff
    Tiffin Groff VP / General Manager
    She currently leads the newly formed Coldcraft Division of Peet's Coffee and is a member of the company's Executive Leadership Team. Tiffin joined Peet's in 2010.

Beverage Innovation

  • Patrick Main
    Patrick Main Beverage Innovator
    Patrick is a lifelong coffee obsessive who joined Peet's in 1988. He was Peet's first Coffeebar Quality Manager, responsible for establishing beverage standards.