Our Values

The only thing we love more than coffee is our people. Collectively, we foster a culture that inspires us to unleash our unique, personal passions and expertise—enabling us to achieve our vision and mission.


We care deeply about our craft

We never compromise when it comes to great coffee.


We share what we love

Our passion for Peet's inspires others to love us too.


We are true to ourselves

We are real people with real character coming from an authentic place.


We take care of people

We take care of our customers, partners, communities, and each other.


We make it happen

We take personal responsibility to deliver results.


We look beyond today

We seek new ways to grow as a business and as individuals.

Peetnik Care fund

Peetnik care fund

We take care of people

Peetniks are a caring bunch, and our community extends beyond the workplace. More than coworkers, we are a family. The Peetnik Care Fund provides short-term financial help to Peet's employees in times of emergency or financial hardship. Together, we make a big difference. Grants are awarded for expenses related to disasters or severe financial hardships; events beyond our reasonable ability to plan. Peetnik Care Fund grants are not loans-they do not have to be repaid.


We are true to ourselves

At Peet's, we foster an environment where employees are supported in bringing their whole selves to work every single day. We know how essential it is to honor and respect each other as real people with unique passions and personalities. As Peetniks, we have a true sense of camaraderie. We take care of one another. We are proud to be part of this bigger, wonderfully diverse picture.

"I've learned enough to build an entire career in coffee. I tell people that I taste coffee for a living and most people don't believe me, that's a real job."
Sean Green Coffee Buyer

Life at Peet’s