Farmer assistance

Farmer assistance

While responsible sourcing helps us recognize farmers who produce exceptional coffees using best-in-class techniques, Peet’s wanted to help smallholder farmers who have the potential to produce high-quality coffee and the interest in learning the skills and techniques to do so. That’s why we created the Farmer Assistance Program.

Project profile


One of our current Farmer Assistance projects is in Ethiopia. Since the 2013-14 harvest, we’ve offered training to eight coffee cooperatives representing thousands of farmers near Jimma and focused on improving coffee processing techniques. The training, provided through our non-profit partner TechnoServe, has helped farmers unlock their potential to produce high-quality coffees, leading to higher incomes and meaningful investments in their personal lives and community.


PEET'S & techno­serve

Farmer Assistance brings training to smallholder coffee farmers through a Peet’s partnership with TechnoServe, a non-profit organization that was an early leader in leveraging coffee farming to raise incomes and improve quality of life. By focusing on creating value through entrepreneurship and teaching best practices, TechnoServe has not only changed the lives of farmers, but the communities they live in. The organization's training integrates three areas of importance.

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  • Agronomy & quality

    This is training for smallholder farmers focused on increasing coffee yields, reducing production costs, and improving milling and processing techniques that ensure quality.

  • Business skills

    To be successful, smallholder farmers need to operate like small businesses. Training in accounting, record keeping, and book-keeping enables farmers to lead viable, profitable enterprises.

  • Sustainability

    Training in environmental and social best practices enables farmers to make informed decisions throughout the coffee lifecycle, such as diverting pulp water from wet mills to wetlands instead of allowing it to re-enter waterways untreated.