Capsule Recycling Program

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we’re making it easy for you to recycle your Peet’s Espresso capsules. By collecting your used capsules and mailing them in to be recycled, you’ll be diverting waste from landfills.

How To Recycle Your Capsules

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When your Peet’s Espresso capsules arrive at the recycling facility, the aluminum will be separated from the coffee grounds. The aluminum is recycled and the coffee grounds converted to high quality soil.


Where is the recycling program available?

The program is currently available in the contiguous 48 states, which does not include Hawaii, Alaska or U.S. Territories.

I thought single serve coffee products were not recyclable. How does the program work?

Although most public recycling services are not equipped to handle the recycling of single serve coffee products, there are commercial recycling centers that have the capability to separate the materials and recycle them. We have partnered with g2 revolution ®, an innovative recycling company to make this program available to our customers. When used capsules are received at their facility, capsule components are separated. The aluminum is recycled, and the coffee grounds converted into high quality soil.

Peet’s capsule recycling program is not affiliated with Nestlé/Nespresso’s recycling program.

Who is g2 revolution®?

g2 revolution® provides innovative recycling solutions, or ecolutions®, that are tailored to meet the sustainability goals of industrial, retail and restaurant clients. g2 revolution’s proven, practical, and efficient systems collect, process and remanufacture a wide range of products made of post-consumer recycled material. Learn more at

Can I put K-cups in the recycling bag?

Please only include Peet’s aluminum espresso capsules in the recycling kit.

Is there a K-cup recycling program?

Yes, Peet's K-Cup® pods are recyclable, however, you should check locally as they are not recyclable in all communities. Simply peel off the lid, compost or dispose of grounds, and recycle the #5 plastic container in your local community recycling program where available.

What do I do if I don’t have a printer?

- Click on “Start a Recycling Kit Return” on this page. You’ll be directed to a UPS portal.
- Enter your Ship From information to retrieve a UPS label or QR code.
- Seal your bag and, after printing your label, apply it to the bag and bring it to any UPS location. If you requested a digital QR code via email, be prepared to show it at the UPS Store with your return and they will print the shipping label for you. You can visit or call 800.PICK.UPS to discover the closest drop off location in your area.