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Brazil Encantador

$21.95 / lb 16 oz
48 cents per serving (45 servings)

One of the best Brazils we’ve ever cupped, we dialed in the roast to develop enchanting notes of almond, baking spice, and apple butter.

Last order date: May 30

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Flavor Profile

Almond, Baking Spice, Apple Butter

Roast Details

Roast: Roasting is the catalyst for expressing the aroma, flavor, and individuality of a coffee through the essential, transformational application of heat.

Brightness: Acidity. Liveliness. A desirable, sharp, and pleasing sensation that heightens coffee’s flavor.

Body: The tactile impression of thickness and viscosity in the mouth, independent of taste and aroma.











Type: Single Origin

Origin: Santo Antônio do Amparo, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Process: Natural

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The Story

This superlative Brazil immediately cast its spell and enchanted our tasters in the Cupping Lab. Nutty flavors are a signature of Brazils, and this spectacular lot from farms near Santo Antônio do Amparo and has all the rich, familiar notes we love, including elevated notes of hazelnut and almond butter. The natural processing style at the mill amplifies sweet fruit flavors enlivened by a dash...

Brewing Methods

For Brazil Encantador

  • Brewing cold from start to finish results in bold, smooth, refreshing coffee with lower acidity than coffee that’s been brewed hot and then iced.

    Total Time

    12+ hours

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  • Pour-over brewing is a simple way to brew a clean, bright cup. It brings out subtle nuances in coffee, particularly those with bright, sparkling flavors.

    Total Time

    ~5 Minutes

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  • The press pot, or French Press, offers direct infusion for full-bodied coffee. It's an ideal companion for dark roasts, bringing out rich, complex flavors.

    Total Time

    ~5 Minutes

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