Limited Edition

Vine & Walnut Blend

A hearty seasonal blend of 3 exceptional coffees.
$18.95  lb.

Flavor Notes

Fall abundance of body, brown sugar, and spice.

Flavor Category

Spicy / Complex

Roast Level

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About this coffee

Roast Level

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Brewing Methods

  • Drip
  • Pour Over
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How It Tastes

First there is the fully washed coffee from Hutwe washing station in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: fully washed and then sun-dried, bright with the cherry, cola nut, and liquid brown-sugar notes we love in Lake Kivu coffees. Then we take a long leap from East Africa to Indonesia for the long-berry coffee from Sumatra’s Wahana Estate, juicy with tropical notes of pineapple and watermelon. And finally, we balance out the two with a wet-hulled Java Giling Basah, offering the weight a substantial autumn blend requires, the teak and sweet herbal notes.


Each fall, we roast a blend that brings us home to our original coffee shop in Berkeley. It was here, at the corner of Vine & Walnut, where Mr. Peet first served his famous hand-roasted blends. It’s a recent tradition for us, to blend coffees specifically with the expectation of fall flavor in mind. But of course, blending is an art inherent to our coffee-roasting ethos, and here we bring together three gems that shine brighter in the presence of their companions.

Worth Noting

This is a hearty cup, fit to keep pace alongside the season’s satiating meals, the aromatic spices, the chill in the air tempered by the warmth of tradition. This autumn, we encourage you to raise your mug, savor the play between these three coffees brought together, and think: it’s good to be home.
Perfecting the process

Coffee, 50 Years in the Making

We've learned a lot in 50 years. From tasting coffee three times before the beans even arrive at our roastery, to waking up at 4am to deep-roast each bean by hand, to personally testing every order before it ships —everything we do is committed to bringing you the freshest, fullest flavor in every cup.

Freshness Guarantee

  • Roasted to Order

    Once you place an order, we wake up at 4am to roast your beans in small batches

  • Sealed for Freshness

    Every bag is sealed immediately using our special packaging techniques.

  • Same day Shipping

    No sitting around and no warehousing, your coffee is shipped within 24 hours.

  • Delivered to Your Doorstep

    Check the roast date on your bag. (Spoiler alert: it's really fresh!)

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