Signature Blend Series

Alfred Peet was renowned for achieving the extraordinary through his blends. His secret? Bring together coffees so flavorful, each can stand on its own. Taste the unparalleled complexity and nuance that goes into every cup.

A Blend Above The Rest

Each bean’s best characteristics coalesce into one elegant, delicious cup.

  • Meticulously Selected

    Only the very best coffee beans from the top 1% of farmers around the world go into each batch.

  • Elevated Roasts

    Notes from each component harmonize, for a luxurious blend that’s more than the sum of its parts.

  • Coffee Artistry

    Precise proportions are masterfully woven together to complement and enhance flavor, complexity, and aroma.

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Italian Roast

This Month's Roast

Italian Roast

For those seeking a penetrating, balanced roast with vigorous flavors. Masterfully slow roasted for boldly perfect cups.

Selectively Sourced

We source the finest beans from across the globe. Each and every one is chosen for its quality, and we only roast and brew the best, to ensure that every cup of coffee meets the Peet's standard.

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    Signature Blend Series

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