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Where a coffee is grown influences its characteristics, from nutty and rich to bright and fruity. Experience the nuanced terroir of the highest-quality coffee from top farmers around the globe.

Savor the world’s best coffee regions, roasted by hand and delivered once a month.

A bean above the rest

  • Carefully Selected

    Only the very best coffee beans from the top 1% of farmers around the world go into each batch.

  • Elevated Roasts

    Each bean is specifically roasted to highlight and develop the unique flavors that characterize its region.

  • Responsibly Sourced

    Better social, environmental and economic conditions on farms make for higher quality in your cup.

Costa Rica


Our single-origin Costa Rica is a true regional coffee that reflects the country’s vibrant, venerable culture.

Costa Rica Beans

Satisfying and Deep

A satisfying, full-bodied cup with deep, pungent flavor and a hint of smokiness just below the surface.

Costa Rica - Peet's coffee. Dark roast.
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